Education Committee – Chairwoman: Carol Nolte

Members Include: Michelle Trapp, Rick Schneider, Rick Mooney, Rick Stocker, John Rafferty, Tony Spivey


  • Reach out to select colleges and vocational schools to make students aware of the career opportunities in the Gas Industry.
  • Sponsor students to attend local shows like the AGMSC.
  • Offer the chance to discuss career opportunities one on one with members of the Gild.

Marketing Committee – Chairman: Scott Vigil

Members include: Jon Beam, Mark Gura, Brian McDonald, Gerald Ford – Creative Design & Marketing Support – Tecvalco (offered by Gild member, Mike Menger), Ed Sheridan – Creative Design & Marketing Support – Mulcare Pipeline Solutions (offered by Gild member Scott Vigil).


  • Establish the Brand for the GILD – Overall emotional experience the GILD wants to have those exposed to it to experience.